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Women and Gentle Movement: a natural way to restore vitality

As a young girl grows into a woman she experiences so many attitudes and pressures to be the 'ideal woman'. These imposed rules of the 'ideal woman' are forever changing.

This pressure can create a drive and hardness in our movements under the need to achieve all the false standards that can run our lives.

Moving and doing our daily tasks in that drive and push to get things done hardens our connective tissue throughout our body, which is like walking around with a heavy back pack on which is super tiring.

Our connective tissue is ideally fluid and flexible and allows us to move in a gentle smooth way that gives us full pain free movement throughout out body.

To restore the spring in our step and our natural vitality is as simple as moving and walking gently and smoothly. We do have a gentle quality in our bodies – all of us - men, women and children. You can see that in an adult who may normally be hard and stiff in their movements, being smooth and gentle when they walk with a toddler holding their hand. So gentle movement is with in us, all we need to do is reconnect to it.

What helped me years ago when I started to be more gentle in everything I did was opening and closing doors gently as if there was someone sleeping in the next room that I didn’t want to wake. Also when I walked I allowed more curvy flow in my hips and let the walk be smooth rather than pounding the pavement with stiff legs which is how I used to walk in a rush to get somewhere.

Try cutting up vegetables smoothly with less force but more flow and focus, the whole body is more gentle, which is less tiring and more revitalizing for the body.

See for yourself how your body feels with gentle movements, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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