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People with Chronic Pain &  Depression

Chronic pain is in epidemic proportions globally; in Australia 1 in 5 live with chronic pain, this includes adolescents and children.  What is scary is that this prevalence rises to 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 (Pain Australia). This means one person in every family suffers with chronic pain.

Repetitive Strain Injury & More

Whether the problem for the worker is from the repeated strain of doing the same activity over and over again, an injury or fall twisting a joint, tearing a muscle in

the back or neck from a heavy lift,​ these chronic problems have a few factors in common and can be supported by gentle physiotherapy.

Men's Health

Gentle physiotherapy with Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a wonderful support for men who work physically or play sport – it is soothing and relaxing to sore strained muscles and joints and practitioners have noted that it appears to support accelerated healing of damaged soft tissue.  

Women's Health

Women are naturally deeply tender and nurturing. They have a quality of stillness in their essence that, when connected to, allows them to feel a deep ease and contentment in their body. Yet today, common physical problems amongst women are general tension, poor overall vitality, exhaustion, chronic pain as in headaches, neck, lower back and pelvic or hip problems.

Adolescent Health

In today's modern world teenagers tend to be under a lot of pressure at school with expectations to achieve. Kate regularly sees young people who are experiencing high levels of stress with associated physical symptoms of tension and pain, particularly in the neck, back and legs.

Support for the Elderly

Elderly people are often more physically fragile and have weaker bones with osteoporosis starting or already present. Many have less confidence with their balance and movements and some have a fear of falling. This means they need to be approached and treated with great gentleness and tenderness.

Enhancing Vitality

Do you have general aches, pains and stiffness in the body? Do you feel like you could have more ‘get up and go’? Do you feel like you have slumped into a 'flat patch' that has become your everyday? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may feel like you are in a ‘catch 22’ where your low motivation contributes to a lack of activity which then perpetuates the pattern of low vitality.

Athletes with Long Term Sports Injuries

An athlete’s body can appear to be superior in fitness, function and performance in terms of strength, physical capacity and even flexibility. However, this does not mean they have a healthy connective tissue system. Their functional body just presents one small part of a whole system. Often athletes carry long term soft tissue or joint strains that can benefit from gentle physiotherapy.

Recovery from Long Term Illness

When people experience chronic or severe illness, the medical intervention to curb the disease process is often challenging on the body. This can leave them with a range of secondary symptoms from the side effects of the intervention that can last long after the initial disease has been treated. 

Complex Dental Problems

Did you know that the way you hold your head, neck and upper body can contribute to jaw and neck pain? Chronic jaw pain is very common and often associated with complex dental problems, chronic neck tension and pain or headaches.

Pregnancy Support

The connective tissue is an amazing support for a woman’s body as her pregnancy progresses. It responds to the body’s changes as it softens and remoulds itself to allow the space inside the pelvis to expand for the growing baby.

Work with
Babies & Infants

Is your baby having trouble settling or feeding or feels generally out of sorts? Gentle physiotherapy and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy seem to allow the baby to let go of tight spinal tissue that can cause agitation.

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