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Are you over the Christmas craziness yet?

I’m sure we have all experienced the crazy intensity leading up to and over the Christmas new year time.

In my many years of working with people and their bodies in physiotherapy I have noticed a tendency for more stress related tension/pain and more trips/falls and accidents over this time of the year.

Do you feel the intensity in shopping mall car parks and in the retail and food shops as many people get that intense food /present frenzy pre-Christmas.

Do you walk away feeling light and at ease in your body or pressure in your head and tension in your shoulders/neck and back?

What if there was a simple natural way to stay at ease in your body and yourself with more space and lightness as you walk , do your daily tasks and not let the Christmas craziness affect you ?

The 4 simple ways below have helped me and many of my clients cruise through Christmas and enjoy the time with friends and family and not be in a collapsed heap after Christmas day.

  • Stay smooth and flowing with your walk by feeling your feet in your shoes as you walk  – so you don’t jar your legs by pounding the pavement.

  • Open and close doors gently focussing on your hands and finger tips which brings you into stronger connection with your body and calms your nervous system.

  • Every so often in your day whether you are sitting or standing lift your chest slightly forward and upwards – to open your chest and lengthen your spine – don’t tense between your shoulder blades – this will relax your back, shoulders and neck AND

  • When you prepare your meals focus on the delicate nature of your fingers, for example when you chop up vegetables – try to do it smoothly and there will be far less tension in your arms and neck.

All of these simple natural ways will support you and your body to be less strained and drained by the end of each day throughout the Christmas period and beyond. Staying more relaxed and less tense in your body will give you the space to enjoy this time rather than bracing yourself to get through it.

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