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Adolescent Health

In today's modern world teenagers tend to be under a lot of pressure throughout school and particularly a pressure is often placed on them to know what kind of career they will go into with expectations to achieve high grades. Kate regularly sees young people who are experiencing high levels of stress with associated physical symptoms of tension and pain, particularly in the neck, back and legs.


She also sees young people who are experiencing physical aches and pains from muscles lengthening to catch up with bones that are growing quickly. These pains are often referred to medically as ‘growing pains’ .


This makes them more vulnerable to experiencing strains in their soft tissue when they do frequent and intense bouts of sport.


From years of working with adolescents Kate has learned how sensitive they are and what their specific needs are – needs that are often not met by our health services.


Adolescents are often emotionally unsettled as they are starting to develop a greater awareness of how the adult world is operating and how people are behaving in it. It can be a challenging time for them, with increased reactivity to others, especially if they are experiencing a lack of consistency from the adults in their lives. Because of this reactivity adults often find it hard to really meet and support them.

In Kate's experience ECTT often supports young people to enjoy a deeply rested state and be at ease in their body. This gives them a sense of reassurance, to feel that they can be connected to their body and not in a struggle with their body’s messages ie  the pains or symptoms they might be experiencing.

A session with Kate – an overview

In the initial treatment Kate will do a thorough physical assessment of the young person and their problem area. Kate works with them to assess the possible cause of any strains or pains. She also asks, if it is appropriate, about their stress levels and emotional health. Kate’s non-judgemental and supportive approach with young people allows them to be at ease with talking about the external factors and stressors that are contributing to their problem.


Kate makes sure that she and her younger client are working together and are on the same page in terms of their treatment programs and the home exercises or stretches that are required to support their body's healing.

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