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Video highlights from Kate Greenaway presenting in Holland in 2018

The way we move and the way we hold our postures in everyday life can be quite compressing and restrictive for our joints, soft tissue and spine. This can lead to chronic tension and pain. In this video Kate shows people from all walks of life how to re-connect to their gentle quality in their body allowing them to move in a smooth way which restores our natural, fluid pain free movement.

Restore your Elongated Posture

Connective Tissue Exercises with Kate Greenaway

A short series of exercises to support to naturally restore your elongated posture with Physiotherapist Kate Greenaway. 

Body Care for Construction Workers

Connective Tissue Exercises with Kate Greenaway

Kate was invited to deliver a presentation on Body Care for Construction workers to support workers in this very physically demanding and often high stress industry.

Intro -This is a brief introduction to Kate Greenaway Physiotherapist and her focus on working with the connective tissue of the body and how important and supportive that tissue is for our well-being and vitality - which is also key to our pain free elongated postures and movement.

A- Kate guides Steve – a construction worker through the gentle breath technique with him lying on his back connecting to different areas of his body to support more body awareness and a relaxing of his nervous system and entire body.

B- Kate supports Steve – still in lying to focus on his upper body with specific connective tissue movements to lengthen his neck and open his chest and shoulders.

C- Kate shows Steve a way to release tension in his back and legs via a few specific connective tissue movements.

D- Kate guides Steve in Standing to reconnect to 1- his elongated posture with an open chest and long spine and 2- a way to release tension on his back with a specific side to side hip shift in standing.

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