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Enhancing your vitality

Do you have general aches, pains and stiffness in the body? Do you feel like you could have more ‘get up and go’? Do you feel like you have slumped into a 'flat patch' that has become your everyday?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you may feel like you are in a ‘catch 22’ where your low vitality and poor motivation contributes to a lack of activity which then perpetuates the pattern of low vitality.


Many in this situation are diagnosed with depression when one of the major contributing factors is simply a lack of vitality in the body.

The relationship with depression and lack of vitality is many layered but at the most obvious level – if you’re feeling flat in your body and its really hard to get motivated then you are not going to feel really joyful in yourself. 

The quality of the connective tissue has a very strong influence on the vitality of the body. So when it is in its ideal state, which is fluid, with a strong flow of energy through the tissues, the body has been observed to be more vital and able to move freely, without stiffness.


ECTT is designed to support the connective tissue to return to this ideal fluid state, assisting the body to return to its natural state of buoyancy and vitality.


Many clients report that this in turn has a positive impact on their outlook and enthusiasm for every day life as their movements become freer with less of the old drag and stiffness.

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