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You, your body and the New Year

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Another year has just ended, it comes around quickly and after the busyness of catching up with friends and family we may have a moment to reflect on the past year and the new one beginning.

I have dropped the hopeful New Year resolutions many years ago, they came from the guilt and regret of not living in a supportive way for myself and then it required discipline to keep them up – which always failed. Now I live in a far more self-loving and supportive way year in and year out, as I have reconnected to the natural cycles of life.

From a science-based perspective, the cycles of life are well known – the seasons, the body 'clock', our sleep rhythms, the monthly cycle in women etc.

And when I talk with people from all walks of life they have a sense there is also a deeper aspect to understanding 'life as cycles'.

I came to understand the practical and philosophical application of cycles in everyday life, with the consistent deeply caring, wise and supportive presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Universal Medicine is an organisation established in 1999 that supports people to return to their natural vitality and well-being.

Back to the cycles of life: We know our Earth has a 24 hour cycle in moving on its axis, so we have night and day, we know that the Earth moves around the sun generally in 365 days – a temporal way of measuring its path. We have the moon cycles, and our longer life cycles, such as being a baby, then a toddler, then a pre-teen, a teen etc

So I look at the 'New' Year, now 2020 as another cycle.

The Earth has started its trajectory around the sun and in 365 days it will be back in the same place it was before. A new day has dawned and tomorrow the Earth will do the same orbit of the sun, forever repeating its pattern and coming back to the same place.

So if we are not going anywhere the idea of trying 'to get somewhere' is something we can let go of. We are not 'going from A to B' in a straight line, we are forever returning to the same spot.

This frees me up from the drive that I need to achieve something or do something to get from A to B and it helps me accept the greater loving responsibility in making the most of each opportunity to re-imprint my unloving choices of the past cycle, or to make even more loving choices than the cycle before. This happens by me simply being the love that I am, moving and approaching all things and people from that place.

The way I am able to be the love that I am, is through developing a deeper more loving relationship with my body. It is via our body and the way we move that supports us to connect to that deep inner place in us, that we all have – some call it our essence, our inner heart, our connection to our soul.

So maybe this cycle of 2020 is an opportunity for us to focus more on our connection and relationship with our body. Our body has an intelligence that is beyond any text book, it knows and shows us if we move in a harsh driven way, if we eat food that is not nourishing, and if we drink fluids that are not hydrating etc.

If we accepted and listened to our bodies’ messages, we would have an opportunity to make more self-caring and self-loving choices. Not from, "I must not do this or eat this" but from feeling what our body is naturally drawn to as it is always wanting to have more balance and harmony inside and out.

When we initially make changes, under the imposition of our past habits it may appear that our body is telling us it is 'craving more sugar, more caffeine' etc but when we stay steady and those cravings subside, we get to develop a much more honest relationship with the body.

In a practical way what has helped me have a greater connection with my body is to move in a smooth gentle way. This relaxes my nervous system and releases any underlying tension in my muscles so everything moves in balance. It is as simple as feeling my feet in my shoes and letting the natural rhythm of my hips roll as I step from 1 leg to the other. This allows me to feel that deep essence in me and it also helps me to feel more naturally vital as I’m not losing energy by being in tension from moving in that 'must do' drive.

So in this new cycle of 2020 I suggest you try not to make any New Year resolutions, instead try a consistent focus on your body and moving gently...When you bring more quality to your movements you naturally bring more quality to your days.
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