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Women's Health

Women are naturally deeply tender and nurturing. They have a quality of stillness within, also known as their essence that, when connected to, allows them to feel a deep ease and contentment in their bodies. A woman's physiology and soft tissue are energetically engineered for them to be gentle and delicate with their bodies, not hard and tough as the world seems to demand of them. 


Unfortunately most women do not live from their tender delicate essence. Since they were young, they have been influenced and socialised to be something or someone rather than simply being themselves.


Women often strive to live up to expectations that society puts on them, disconnecting from their natural still and tender way of being and exhausting themselves in the process. All this can keep them in motion, with an over stimulated nervous system; this tension hardens their body and drains their naturally abundant vitality.


In Kate's experience of working with women, the delicate tissue and channels of the body's lymphatic system seem to be closely associated with and even mirror the quality of tissues of the breasts, ovaries, uterus, cervix and pelvic floor. ECTT seems to enhance the fluidity of the lymphatic system which supports not only the vascular system but all the systems of the body.

The beautifully delicate nature of the ECTT modality encourages women to surrender to their delicateness and natural nurturing ways, for self and others. 


Common physical problems amongst women are general tension, poor overall vitality, exhaustion, chronic pain like headaches, neck and lower back pain, pelvic or hip pain. They often have digestion problems and overall hormonal imbalances. In some women associated with these physical problems are frequent periods of anxiousness, emotional ups and downs and depression.

Once women are supported with gentle bodywork they often become aware of the strong link between their emotional stress levels and their physical stress levels. Practitioners have observed that ECTT supports the woman’s delicate lymphatic and vascular tissue and vessels, which helps soften any hardness and promotes increased fluid flow in all the soft tissue of the body. Practitioners have also observed that ECTT helps decrease the stagnation of fluid in the arms and legs of women with lymphedema and general poor vascular health.

ECTT in general terms seems to support women to re-connect to their bodies - allowing them to let go and release the chronic tension and holding patterns. Many women frequently feel more still and tender in their bodies and recognise this to be their more natural state than the driven, stressed and exhausted state they were in before.

ECTT can have a profound effect on women’s bodies and state of being as they are often able to see that the way they are living through the choices they are making, plays a big part of their physical and emotional health problems.

Understanding this direct link – between the choices we make in daily life and our overall state of emotional and physical health – empowers many women to make choices that support their natural healing process.

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