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Recovery from Chronic or long term illness

When people experience chronic or severe illness the medical intervention is often necessarily challenging on the bodies systems to curb the diseases process. This can leave the body and the person with a range of secondary symptoms from the side effects of the medication that can last long after the initial disease has been treated. These include, but are not limited to, general body fatigue, poor vitality, weakened immune system, general aches and pains and poor muscle strength.


Kate supports people to rebuild their bodies and to enjoy and reconnect to their bodies again after a physically and emotionally taxing time of medical treatment for their chronic illness. She sees people who have undergone chemotherapy, radiotherapy and also in the recovery period after surgery.


More specifically Kate sees women post breast cancer and offers gentle physiotherapy programs that are tailored to support the flexibility and fluidity of the lymphatic and breast tissue with specific ECTT treatments and massage for the arms.


After breast surgery often shoulder and arm movements are limited due to the thickening of the connective tissue and lymphatic tissue in the armpits and down the arm. There is a strong connection and relationship between the lymphatic tissue of the armpits and the breast tissue. Kate has observed that gentle physiotherapy with ECTT treatments for the arms also support the healing of the lymphatic and breast tissue of the upper body, without the need for contact of the breast area. This has been shown by the return of a fuller range of movement to the arms and shoulders in clients that have received these treatments.

Clients with chronic illnesses such as fibro myalgia, autoimmune disorders and chronic lung disease often have a common presentation of poor vitality and poor general wellbeing. Kate can support clients with these conditions with a variety of complementary treatments to assist with restoring a sense of vitality, general strength and wellbeing. Each client receives a specifically tailored treatment program with gentle movements and a progressive strength and stretch program to support their body’s recovery.


Kate’s services are offered only as a complement to appropriate medical care for long term illness and disease, and never an alternative. Her philosophy of healing sees her work as an assistant  support for clients in their healing and never an alternative to allopathic medicine.

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