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Work with infants and babies (from 4 weeks old).

Is your baby having trouble settling or feeding or feels generally out of sorts? Gentle physiotherapy and Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy seems to allow the baby to let go of any tight spinal tissue that can keep them agitated.​ 


Kate has been working with babies and infants since the year 2000.

Parents have found her very delicate and gentle approach supports babies with:


  • Colic

  • difficulty sleeping (getting to sleep or staying asleep)

  • Babies that are generally unsettled and cry a lot and need to be carried by their parents most of the day

  • The affects of fast deliveries / difficult births – Kate has documented many cases where difficult deliveries or fast births are associated with excess tension in the spinal tissue. Kate has observed that as this tension eases, particularly from the base of the skull to the neck, babies become more settled and at ease in their bodies.

Kate's Approach

Babies and toddler’s bodies are naturally very fluid and flexible and their connective tissue is very responsive so no imposing manipulation is needed. A very delicate approach, using minimal pressure, to support the lengthening between the skull and spine, and spine and tailbone is often all that is required for the baby’s tension to ease.


A session with Kate – an overview


  • When parents bring a baby / toddler to see Kate they are very much included in the session and baby and parents stay with each other at all times throughout.


  • Every technique used is explained fully to empower the parents understanding, and parents are educated as to how best to hold and comfort the baby for when they get agitated at home.


  • The session in many ways is a family session because as the baby’s tension eases and sleep patterns improve the whole family benefits.

For bookings and session enquiries see the contact form below

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