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Pregnancy Support

The way connective tissue responds to the body’s changes during pregnancy is an amazing support for a woman’s body as her pregnancy develops. Since it remoulds itself and loosens to allow the space inside the pelvis to expand for the growing baby.


There can be pain and discomfort in the lower back or pelvic joint regions towards the last stages of pregnancy, particularly if there has been back problems pre-pregnancy.


A session with Kate – an overview


Kate has observed that many women in the later stages of pregnancy have benefitted from ECTT sessions combined with specific stabilising exercises and postural education.


Treatment is not recommended if the pregnancy is unstable, complicated or there are increasing systemic health issues.

If you are pregnant, then support and comfort are essential to support you to let go and relax and be more at ease with your body.


There are many ways your ease and comfort are supported in a session with Kate. For example, Kate uses a hydraulic raise / lower massage table for ease of getting on and off the table and often you will be laying on your side with plenty of pillows for support.


Warm towels and eye pillows are used to assist your relaxation.


Gentle remedial massage or ECTT is applied to the problem areas of the lower back or spine. Leg massage is also available for any areas of swelling or oedema.

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