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Men's Health

Gentle physiotherapy in combination  with ECTT is a wonderful support for men who work physically or play sport. ECTT is soothing and relaxing to sore strained muscles and joints and practitioners have noted that it appears to support accelerated healing of damaged soft tissue. They have also observed that ECTT helps the men become more aware of emotional tension that they were not even aware they had. 


“Many men still have the perception that they have to be tough and hard, living by the old phrase 'no pain, no gain'. They often comment at how relaxed they feel after an ECTT session even beyond the day of treatment. They are surprised by its gentle quality that is so unlike the stronger body work they think they need to have to make a lasting change in their body. ECTT is such a relief to them as they are able to soften in their bodies and release deep tension without experiencing pain from heavy massage or manipulations.” – Kate Greenaway

Once  trust is established with their practitioner, the powerful and gentle nature of this treatment becomes apparent. Many men find they can let go of what they discover is a  hard external shell and reconnect to their natural tenderness. As the experience of ease becomes more tangible for them, it allows them to realise how much they have been living without gentleness in their lives and that they miss this gentleness and their natural tenderness. The increased fluidity and ease in their body tends to support greater depth in the relationship to themselves, their family and work colleagues.

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