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Restore your Elongated Posture – Connective Tissue Exercises with Kate Greenaway

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

In this Audio Series Physiotherapist Kate Greenaway explores simple natural ways to restore your elongated posture and connective tissue health.

Audio 1: Introduction to Kate Greenaway and Connective Tissue

Kate shares her love and passion of the wonders of our connective tissue (CT) from her experience of working in physiotherapy with people with complex chronic pain conditions. Her focus and studies on CT have led to a revolutionary way to treat these conditions and to move and exercise in a smooth gentle way to support people to slowly decrease their 'normal' pain levels and return to more vitality.

Audio 2 : Discover your Elongated Posture in Sitting

Kate supports you in a playful way to find what she describes as ‘your elongated posture in sitting’ that will - as you keep adjusting back to it - gradually minimize the compression and overall tension in your spine.

Audio 3: Discover your Elongated Posture in Standing

Kate playfully guides you in movements in standing to find your elongated posture. This is your foundation of lightness in your spine to support you in all your daily activities as it gives you a way to minimize the excess tension in your body during your day.

Audio 4: Connective Exercises in Sitting

Learn two simple movements in sitting as Kate describes how smooth rhythmical natural movements can support your connective tissue to restore its fluid and flexible way of being.

About Kate Greenaway

Physiotherapist Kate Greenaway supports people to simply re-connect to and enjoy their body in everyday life. From people experiencing complex chronic pain to those simply looking to improve their wellness and vitality. In-person and online consultations in Physiotherapy are currently available in the Lismore area, for bookings get in touch.

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