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Community Presentations & Workshops

Kate Greenaway presents both online and in person nationally and internationally. She speaks on a variety of topics including Body Awareness, How to restore the elongated posture to support yourself at work and home, gentle movements to refresh the body, general self-care in the workplace and at home and the simple ways to develop an appreciative relationship with the body.


Kate inspires people to bring the fun and joy back to ‘being in a body’ through supporting them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of all that their body does for them. Her natural wonderment of the science of the body is infectious and her presentations are both educational and celebratory of the body and the being in it.

“The beautiful thing about the body is that we know we are so much greater than the body and yet it is the natural connection with our body that allows us to feel that we are so much greater.”

~ Kate Greenaway


Throughout the year group classes and programs are available in person and online. Kate has also visited work places and supported office workers, child care workers and nurses in Brisbane and rural hospitals in how to care for their bodies and spine in their work and home activities.


Check below for more information and upcoming dates.

Workshops, presentations & events

Esoteric Yoga and Connective Tissue Movements

Six Week Online Body Awareness Program

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It is very possible despite any physical or emotional condition to feel light and joyful in your body. This program provides a playful and practical way for us to connect more deeply with our body, ourselves and the natural harmonious energetic flow that is within us all. These programs support us to feel solid and steady in our connection with our body which allows us to feel solid in ourselves, no matter what challenges come our way.

When we move and express from a deep connection in a harmonious way it is healing for us and everyone around us.

Esoteric Yoga and Connective Tissue Movements are a beautiful complementary relationship that supports our foundation of stillness and harmony in movement and allows us to deepen this so we can then move from that stillness in our everyday life.

“Esoteric Yoga develops the quality that becomes the movement that

magnifies throughout your body” SB.


For more information and to book into the program go to

Presented by:  Kate Greenaway, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapist and Physiotherapist and

Lisa Hansberry, Esoteric Yoga Presenter and Esoteric Practitioner.


Four Week Online Program

Weekly Sessions

Saturday July 30th - to Saturday September 3rd 2022

5.00am - 6.30am (6:20-6:30 question time) AEST

The sessions are recorded in audio and video if you are unable to attend the live session.


Course cost: AUD $115. per person

Bookings required

Bookings can be made at  https: //

Or by sending Lisa an email at:

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 8.10.10 am.png

Esoteric Yoga and Connective Tissue Movements are a beautiful complementary relationship that supports our foundation of stillness and harmony in movement and allows us to deepen this so we can then move from that stillness in our everyday life.

Esoteric Yoga and Connective Tissue Movements as modalities side by side are beautifully simple, supportive and powerful in a very practical way. Anyone at any level of body awareness can join in and reconnect to easy natural movements and exercises that will support them and their bodies in daily life.


The energetic pulse of the connective tissue is joy, when we reconnect to this we are able to feel the lightness of our body and reconnect to our natural joy of being in a body.

The way we move can either harm or heal.

Moving in a smooth gentle way nourishes our connective tissue which brings our natural fluidity and flexibility back. Moving in a hard driven way brings tension and stiffness and compresses any flow of harmony in our  tissue.

Esoteric Yoga invites us to reconnect and focus on the body. It supports us to feel deeply at ease with ourselves and our body. It provides the opportunity to feel more space in our body and helps us to feel our natural stillness which, as this deepens can allow a more healing quality of movement.


Chronic Pain Support Group

If you are suffering with chronic pain and doing your best to manage your condition and continue your family life and work life but are struggling, then this support group is a fresh new approach that may not only support you in all areas of your life but also help to lessen the impact of this pain condition on your life. 

These support groups will offer a forum for discussions on a new way of understanding your body and your pain. They will also introduce simple practical ways that can support your body and your condition with gentle movements and a new understanding of the impact of your food choices. 


These support groups are facilitated by Kate Greenaway (Physiotherapist) and Henrietta Chang (Naturopath/Nutritionist).


You are welcome to join us for our regular meetings at the L'Alchimict Clinic, Wigmore Arcade, River st Ballina. They run on Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 7.15 pm


Further meeting dates to be advised. 


For more contact:

Kate Greenaway Ph: 0418 270 563 

Henrietta Chang Ph: 0422842710

This is a non-profit support group and the charges are to cover the cost of the future venue hire and advertising of the group.

Date and Time: 

6 pm to 7.15 pm, Thursday September 12 th and Thursday October 24th further dates to be advised. 

Cost: $10 ($5 concession)

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