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True self care moments- easy, natural and a way back to more vitality.

Listening to our bodies so that we support and deeply care for them , which is deeply caring for ourselves can be challenging. 

You may say back to me – "I'm a mother of 3 young children," "I'm a full time carer of my disabled partner" or "I'm caring for my aged Father as he rapidly loses his memory and independence with advancing Alzheimers" and...

"I simply don't have time for myself."

On the outside looking in, I totally understand , but as your physiotherapist feeling/treating where your body is at, the underlying general tension in your nervous system, the rapid, shallow breathing that comes with anxiousness or an over active nervous system or shear exhaustion from little sleep and poor self care - all adds up to a depleted weary body on the edge of getting sick.

 It doesn't take extra time to deeply care for yourself. Try these simple, natural ways that have worked for me and hundreds of my clients:

– Let yourself breath gently - so your lower tummy is relaxed and your ribs move in and out – that helps your body relax – so less fatigue

– Open and close doors gently, as if someone is sleeping in the other room, your deep tissue and connective tissue all through your arms and upper body will relax more and your breath is more gentle when you are present with what you are doing

– After you go to the bathroom – we all do that a few times in the day, as you wash your hands, check you can feel your hands/finger tips and that you're breathing gently again. 

All these natural stop moments add up in your day to care for your body and yourself more. 

Breathing and doing things more gently really helps us all be less tense, exhausted and over the long term can improve our vitality and general well-being.

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