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Community Presentations & Workshops

Kate Greenaway presents both online and in person nationally and internationally. She speaks on a variety of topics including Body Awareness, How to restore the elongated posture to support yourself at work and home, gentle movements to refresh the body, general self-care in the workplace and at home and the simple ways to develop an appreciative relationship with the body.


Kate inspires people to bring the fun and joy back to ‘being in a body’ through supporting them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of all that their body does for them. Her natural wonderment of the science of the body is infectious and her presentations are both educational and celebratory of the body and the being in it.

“The beautiful thing about the body is that we know we are so much greater than the body and yet it is the natural connection with our body that allows us to feel that we are so much greater.”

~ Kate Greenaway

Throughout the year group classes and programs are available in person and online. Kate has also visited work places and supported office workers, child care workers and nurses in Brisbane and rural hospitals in how to care for their bodies and spine in their work and home activities.


Check below for more information and upcoming dates.


Workshops, presentations & events

Chronic Pain Support Group

Chronic Pain Support Group for the Northern Rivers, NSW coming soon, dates to be announced. To register your interest in this group please press the bookings button below and send us an email to let us know you would like more information.

Ballina NSW

Dates to be announced


Cost: $5

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